Goldendraw is a  prize competition which gives Guaranteed Limited Odds to all competitions.

With our competitions we keep the prices at an affordable level with fantastic odds of winning as opposed to most competition sites.

With latest gambling rules under processing with credit cards we are now paying directly into the account, if for any reason the money is not received, the entrant will be removed from or competition and the tickets offered to the people who have already entered, or offered back for general resale.

From the Goverment Website ” The ban on credit cards will affect all gambling, with the exception of the National Lottery, following efforts by the government to tackle problem gambling and protect vulnerable customers. “Credit card gambling can lead to significant financial harm,” Neil McArthur, the commission’s chief executive, said.14 Jan 2020

There will be a maximum number of 25 tickets allowed in any competition, if the member does not pay for the tickets on more than 2 occasions then they will be removed from our competitions and membership.

After the competition closes all entrants are welcome to inspect the prize at our premises.

All money is held securely in the account for customer protection, we do not give unrealistic timescales or false claims, our page on Facebook was founded in 2010 along with Golden Draw Ltd, we make sure that everything is fully compliant.

We guarantee that all tickets purchased go towards each individual draw therefore the more tickets purchased means the greater chance of winning fantastic prizes.

Simple to enter and simple to use complying with the Gambling and Gaming commission laws in the UK.

Some of our Reviews


Good fun

Excellent site. Easy to sign up and enter.  Also I thought the competitions were good value compared to some others I have entered.

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Great competition

Great competition. Easy to play, Easy to pay, great prizes and great odds looking forward to the live draw come and join in the fun.
Source: Organic



Excellent odds of winning

Desirable prizes and odds of winning, very professional looking and informative website and easy to follow when entering competitions.

Source: Organic